Monday, 5 October 2015

Sewing Workshop

Hello , a few exciting things are happening at the moment, including a sewing workshop I have been asked to hold. It is going to be in The Songbird, which is a local cafe and creative space here in Southampton. I am very excited about it  and will be teaching a group of lovely people how to make their own cosmetic bag. It will be great to encourage people to fall in love with sewing (fingers crossed). It really is the coolest thing to be able to make your own things.
If you are interested and live near Southampton, book your place on my workshop through The Songbird Facebook page or e mail It will be held on Wednesday 4th November 7.30-9.30 and costs £15.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Good Morning

Morning all..its a bit of a funny time of year isn't it..not sure whether to wear summer clothes still or be snuggled up in cardigans and thick socks. 

I've been busy down in my studio working on Christmas designs and some nice colourful floral work , you can see below. I have also been doing some dummy runs of a few little products I am hoping to start secret for now but will share soon if they work out ok. ...fingers crossed. 

Have a good day x

Friday, 4 September 2015

The Big Feastival

So as I mentioned in an earlier post, last weekend we went to Jamie Oliver and Alex James's Big Feastival on Alex James's cheese farm on the edge of the Cotswolds.. In fact this time last week we were probably sat outside our caravan, in the sun eating our breakfast. I didn't know what to expect as we haven't been to a festival with our children before. We had the most amazing weekend!!

The festival is full of independent food stalls ( a majority of them handing out samples), unique customised vehicles selling street food and drinks, cookery demonstrations, stages where musicians played great music and lots more. There were some great stalls to buy from too, including Jools Oliver's Little Bird, Joules, a vintage clothes stall and a few selling gorgeous handmade products. For children there was a farm area where they could pet animals, art and craft activities, bread making, knitting, seed planting and of course the traditional fun fair. Most kids seemed happy just jumping around on the hay bails and throwing hay at each other.Also Mr Tumble performed on stage , I was stunned at what a crowd that man can draw!

The whole festival had an amazing atmosphere, and we felt safe and comfortable the whole time. I am a paranoid Mum when it comes to our girls, but even I felt relaxed, it really did feel like a massive fun party. There were lots of highlights for us, here are a few of them:

  • Dancing  in The Cheese Hub to Alex James playing some indie classics. (not quite sure our kids got it, but we certainly appreciated it)
  • Eating Churros with chocolate dip late at night.
  • Our girls were super happy with their inflatable pink flamingos!
  • Watching Jamie Oliver cook...he seems such a lovely guy. 
  • Witnessing our girls raving to Example ( this was hilarious, and a little worrying what  the future held for us as parents??)

As a family we came home feeling so happy and a little sad that it was over. We will definitely go next year and would certainly visit the  Cotswolds again, what a beautiful location!. 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Studio Time !

So its a sad day in our house today, my girls have returned to school today :( .But it does mean I can have some quality studio's a peek of my latest mood board.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Spoonflower / Fabric 8 Botancial Sketchbook Competition

So not only have I had an amazing weekend at Jamie Oliver's Big Feastival (more on that later in my blog) but I have just found out I have been put through to the semi finals of the Spoonflower/Fabric 8 Botanical Sketchbook Competition. I am 1 of 100 out of 800 entries so I am pretty chuffed. I would really appreciate your support by voting for my design..its on this page and here is the design below you need to vote for. Thank you so much , my fingers and toes are crossed!

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Vintage Fair Treasures

Hope you are all having a lovely we visited a local vintage fair, I am amazed at the vast array of Tupperware on sale everywhere these days, it certainly takes me back to my childhood. The 70's kitchenware is always covered in the best patterns..I just love it. Whilst there I treated my self to this old St Micheal ( M&S) apron..the print is definitely going to be inspiration for a new collection of work , I love everything about it!! Oh yeah and my little girl treated herself to an old 50's nature book..she loves a bit of vintage!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

A Nice Little Reminder

So yesterday, as I have my two girls home for the holidays we went out for the day with my parents. They suggested Mottisfont Abbey as they have a Charlie & Lola Exhibition on and me and my girls are huge fans.

It was a great day as the old house and grounds are amazing and so lovely to wander round. My girls loved it, especially spotting the massive trout in the river, rolling down the grassy hills and having a picnic (surrounded by wasps..not so good). And of course having ice cream..Rose and Cardamon which was as delicious as it sounds.

There was a trail for the kids, with the help of the grown ups all round the grounds and through the old house, Lauren Child's colourful characters popped up all over the place! The exhibition was being displayed upstairs in the old house. It was amazing to see all her sketch book work and initial drawings with the thoughts behind the characters.I love the way she used collage to bring her work to life.There were also Lola style dresses on display made out of Lauren's fabrics she produced for Liberty. It really bought it all back to me the reason I came back to surface pattern design, and decided to give a creative career a go again. It certainly made me reminisce about early mornings sat snuggling my girls in their baby grows feeling inspired by Lauren's fab drawings, and use of pattern. It really was down to her I got back into it. I have come a long way since then, still not quite where I want to be, but I have achieved lots I am giving myself a little pat on the back x

Here are some photos from the exhibition, a little unclear at times as most of the work was behind glass.