Monday, 1 September 2014

Naturally Miami

A new collection I have been working on called Naturally Miami.....these designs came about while sat on the beach sketching a while back. Its surprising the shapes and lines you come across whilst sat sunning yourself. I am hoping to get some of these printed onto fabric to cover the lampshades in my bedroom. The original plan was to crochet some covers but after attempting a crochet workshop recently it seems me and crocheting are not a good combination. It was so frustrating as it looks like such a relaxing craft to do...but just not for me.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Here comes the Mexicoma Collection..arriba arriba

Well here is my latest collection to show you , its called Mexicoma and is based on Mexican embroidery and paintings. I have tried to keep the colours warm and vibrant, but still nice and fresh. I particularly love this indigo blue colour, its a bit of a fav of mine as is the dirty olive green I'm rather partial to. I promise not to use it in my next collection. ..if I can help it!

Monday, 28 April 2014

Retro Blooms ..part 2

I know..I know , its taken a while , but I have been busy learning some new techniques in Illustrator..its hard for me you know, I'm a bit more of a paper and pencil girl at heart!!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Retro Blooms

Well its certainly sunny in my studio today..its so beautiful in here , reckon I'll need my sunnies on rather than my usual hot water bottle on my lap.

On my two child free days I have been busy working on a new collection called  Retro Blooms combining my love of anything a bit retro with fabulous florals. I am now ready to show you my first two of the collection. I appreciate any comments, as lovely as the feedback is from my 3 and 6 year old its nice to receive comments by people a little bit older. I am super pleased how they have turned out, and reckon they'd look fab on some lovely stationary or maybe even on some textiles for the home.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Distraction of Gorgeous Fabric.

Hello, so the title of this post is the reason for my lack of posts lately ..I have been a bit addicted to my sewing machine and creating little tops for me and my girls......... and random cushions. 

Its true I do tend to get distracted by fabric, If I have bought a new piece I just cant wait to use it , I love the thrill of hanging it up in my little girls wardrobes when its a proper wearable piece of clothing. Then the first time they wear something I've made is amazing, I feel really proud ..of them and my clothe I've made. 

The stripey fabric was a cheeky purchase from Chesapeake Mill, that I mentioned in a previous post, then the little house fabric is a design by one of my favourites, Carolyn Gavin, bought through Fabric Rehab. They were so easy to make and hopefully when spring finally arrives properly we will get lots of wear out of them. 

The cushion I made out of an old jumper I had in that fab retro mustardy yellow. It looks great in our lounge but I am now on the search for another jumper to recycle. That was pretty simple to do too and lots cheaper . The prices of cushions is so silly considering how easy they are to make. 

Right back to my where did I out my pencils???

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Textures and Patterns

Morning lovely anyone else sat designing today with a hot water bottle on their lap?? Weird I know but I get so cold when I'm sat designing, guess its where I am not moving around much. Anyway I have just finished a lovey design I'm pretty chuffed with, I will reveal all when I finish the whole collection. In the meantime I wanted to share with you some lovely patterns and textures discovered while out and about last week at the lovely Moors Valley Country Park not that far from here. They've got some fab wood carvings and wooden animals and buildings for kids to run around. Its the perfect place to wear out these crazy kids!Talking of which we are going to be kid free Saturday so are escaping for a trip to Brighton for the day, I'm secretly a little bit excited about this. I really hope the sun is shining for having a mooch around all those unusual and quirky shops in The Lanes. Have a great weekend..its nearly here !!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

A Treasure Trove Discovery

So yesterday afternoon my lovely sister and I escaped the crazy kids and husbands and venture off for a spot of me time, well us time really I suppose. We headed to Chesapeake Mill in a little village called Wickham, a few minutes drive from here.

Chesapeake Mill is an old mill with rooms and rooms of treasures recovered from house clearances , items that have been donated and just loads and loads of interesting bits and bobs ranging from furniture to vintage Liberty fabric. My eyes couldn't take it all in and you really need to have a good rummage there as its not displayed in any order, which I personally think makes it even more exciting, like you're rediscovering it yourself.There was a great deal of pattern on crockery, pieces of vintage fabric and even old biscuit tins.  I managed to restrain myself and came away with a cool 70's dress pattern with my fav, a peter pan collar, some gorgeous seersucker striped fabric, perfect for a nice sundress and a vintage smock top, its the ideal place for a mooch around on a Saturday afternoon.